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👋 Hey, I'm the maker that built, marketed, and sold a side-project that's called Open Startup List (, in 3 months.

📜 I built Open Startup List to scratch my own itch about companies that share their metrics publicly - metrics like visitor analytics, marketing experiments - even revenue. It's incredibly motivating as an indie maker to be inspired and involved in the story of like-minded makers.

🦄 What is Start With A Side-Project ?

Start With A Side-Project is an ebook that gives you a front-row seat into my hustling journey, as I go through the phases of building, marketing, and eventually selling a side-project within 3 months.

Keeping lean with expenses is a smart choice for all entrepreneurs, that's why you will see how marketing with a $0 ad budget is more than just possible and which organic-marketing techniques worked for me.

You will learn from real experience what it takes to sell a digital asset online, including all the phases from listing to escrow.

Whether you're starting or a seasoned entrepreneur, you'll find actionable advice, strategies, and motivation on your path to success with your side-projects.

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💡 Topics and achievements that I cover in the book:

  • Build the marketing into your product.

  • Discover techniques to grow organically without spending a dime on paid ads.

  • Learn how to sell an online side project.

  • How a Hacker News post got me to accidentally launch on Product Hunt.

  • Why a big tech magazine covered my side-project and brought in hundreds of visitors.

  • How I grew an email list to over 470+ subscribers.

  • Why so many other websites and blog posts featured my side-project, building incredible backlinks, helping me increase authority on Google.

  • How and why other awesome makers helped me to create content in exchange for marketing.

  • How I sold the side-project on my own using escrow services and made profit.

  • Best for: Self-starters and solopreneurs looking to make a profit through side projects.

  • And many more!

🌱 In this book I want to share with you my personal experiences, thoughts, challenges, and key takeaways of what building, promoting and eventually selling a side-project were actually like for me, and possibly what it could be for you. It will be packed with actionable advice based on my personal experiences.

🐢 This book won't be long and tiresome to read, it's concise and to the point with the relevant things I learned. Our time is too precious to read hundred+ pages of buried ideas and anecdotes.

🌟 What readers say

"I read the book in one go! It's amazing! Looking forward to reading another one"

- Nikola Stojković, founder of Hosted Status Page

"I discovered this book here (Product Hunt) and some days later decided to buy. Now I’m here to write the review.

I highly recommend it. It was exactly what I was expecting, a short, straight forward, plain-english story about a “normal/one of us” kind of entrepreneur.
Reading about the lives of big business names is great, but sometimes what you need is relatable, actionable advice about how to create, launch and potently make money with your side project.

Is there any big secret or game changing thing in this book? Definitely not, but I don’t think that’s the point. It’s simply a really interesting big blog post about a guy’s experience.

PS: selling it on amazon was great since it allowed me to read it on my kindle. I have a hard time reading long texts on normal screens so the e-reader was quite pleasant."

- Luis Gabriel Martins, Brazilian entrepreneur

📋 Table of contents

1. Introduction

2. Background

  • My 1st online endeavor and takeaways

  • My 2nd online endeavor and takeaways

  • From e-commerce to software side-projects

  • Idea

3. Building

  • Technology

  • Build fast

  • Launch like a boss

4. Growing

  • Target market

  • Organic marketing

  • It's what you give

  • Monetization attempts

5. Selling

  • Should I sell

  • Everything's got a price

  • How to sell

  • Logistics

6. Post-acquisition

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🌳 Our planet is precious, that's why I have donated 50 trees in the Amazon Rainforest from the book's earnings (

👩‍🎨 Designs and illustrations in the book by the talented artist Regina (

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